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John Hills Ad.Cert ED&CP, Ad Dip. ISS, LCGI, MsyI.

The owner and Senior Consultant of Jupiter 2000 has a wealth of experience and qualifications gained over 30+ years with Essex Police as a Crime Prevention Officer, Counter Terrorist Crime Prevention Officer, Force CCTV Liaison Officer and Senior Architectural Liaison Officer.

His knowledge of how criminals approach a building to commit their crimes, why certain building are more susceptible to criminal activity than others and how they get in. This puts him in a unique position to help you to protect your home, your family, your property and your business

Jupiter 2000 not only utilises the experience of its staff, it can also rely on a number of equally qualified and experienced associate security and fire specilists, trainers and consultants working in the security industries.

Jupiter 2000 can offer its services in the fields of:


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John Hills, CEO of Jupiter2000

Today Jupiter2000's principles are the same has they have always been. To help protect your family, home and business whilst maintaining our professionalism and integrity.

Jupiter, god of law

Jupiter was a god of law and order and the protector of the Roman state, the Roman people and the family. He was especially associated with oaths, treaties, alliances, and moral obligations.

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