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All CCTV system should have been designed, installed and commissioned against an Operational Requirements Table (ORT). If your system has not:-

Jupiter2000 can do this for you. Our professional and experienced staff can write your ORT and audit your system ensuring it meets your requirements, is fit for purpose and complies with CCTV Codes of Practise, Home Office Standards and the Data Protection Act principles.

Use of closed circuit television for surveillance

The use of closed circuit television (CCTV) for surveillance may save manpower, especially when used in conjunction with intruder detection systems (IDS) and automated access control systems (AACS). It may also supplement, extend and make more effective an existing security system. CCTV enhances the effectiveness of perimeter security, particularly if used to verify the alarms signaled by a perimeter intruder detection system (PIDS).

System considerations

New CCTV Codes of Practise

Did you know there will shortly be a requirement on businesses and any organisation that are using a CCTV system to capture and process data (images) that they must justify why they have the system? You are subject to the requirements of the Information Commissioners Office. You will be required to carryout a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) before installing your system.

Your PIA will determine if your system will be lawful, is justified, necessary and proportionate. Jupiter2000 can in consultation with you complete your PIA for you. Making your business compliant, secure and safe. Don't be caught out; be prepared. If you can not meet these requirements then you should not have a system.


Jupiter2000 can do this for you. Call us now on 07716 860664 or request a call back.

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