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Let's reduce your risk of crime together

Jupiter2000 Security Policy objective is to minimise the risk of breaches in physical security and security procedures and seek to achieve an incident-free workplace.

We at jupiter2000 will work for you and with you to achieve a safe working environment for both you, your staff and visitors. Many businesses rush out to upgrade their CCTV systems `WHY` because their told they are still using old technology. `So What` that doesn't mean its no good. We talk to you about your business, assess the potential targets for crime, access the risk and make cost commensurate, realistic recommendations.

Can you, can your business withstand having your computers stolen, machinery smashed, goods due for next day delivery taken? Will your customers accept your excuses for failing to make deadlines ,meet contractual arrangements.

Can you afford to pay staff that are left sitting around while you wait for police, insurance, maintenance staff to arrive. Personal files and records stolen from cabinets or on computer hard drives ( have you failed to comply with the Data Protection Act on security of data?)

Prevention is always cheaper and more cost effective than the cure.

This is when you think "What If ...", "If Only ..."

Pick up the phone and call Jupiter2000 now. It's never too early to take appropriate measures to reduce your risk, enhance your security and make your business a safer environment for you, your staff and visitors. A crime free environment is also a green environment reducing crimes carbon footprint, reducing your unnecessary costs and your time.

We have the experience and the staff to help you to keep your business working.

Jupiter2000 can do this for you. Call us now on 07716 860664 or request a call back.

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Jupiter 2000 Fire Risk Assessments
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